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We’re very pleased to provide links to our latest plans for Ballpark Commons and encourage residents to review.  These files are the plan we’ve submitted to the City of Franklin in our proposed Amendments to the Planned Development District and the Comprehensive Plan.

This is a substantial proposal and a substantial development for our city. We are seeking a different approval process than what has been typical of Franklin.  This is not a proposal that will result directly in building permits or site improvements.  Rather, this submittal and the approvals we are seeking are general in nature.  That is by specific intent.

Just as the current Rock PDD allows for subsequent development of additional baseball fields, but requires specific approval of such fields prior to construction, this Amended PDD would establish the baseline uses and framework for the subsequent development.  It is very important to know that the public will have substantial opportunities for input and reaction to any and all plans before they are approved for development.

The result of a vote on Thursday night at the Planning Commission will then be used (in an advisory capacity) to present this development to the Common Council for their approval on April 4.  Their approval would create a newly Amended Planned Development District (PDD) that would facilitate a specific plan that incorporates the bulk requirements of the PDD.

We remain committed to engaging all stakeholders throughout this process.  We look forward to our ongoing conversation.

Rock Sports Complex Milwaukee Ballpark Commons Plans

Click Here to view the Ballpark Commons final submittal.